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Doing More Good with Head Start

LaranaDavis.jpg Larana Davis, parent and volunteer for Head Start, tells us why she has loved giving her time to the early childhood development program for so many years. Ever since her enrolling her first child in Actioin Pathways Head Start 14 years ago, she has been a dedicated volunteer, making sure she was a part of each of her children's success in the program. Her contribution as both a mother and volunteer is invaulable and she wants other parents to know that any time they are able to give to Head Start, they should.

Doing More Good with Second Harvest Food Bank

2L0A6587.jpgMona Hyppolite started of as a volunteer for Second Harvest Food Bank to later become a fully employed member of the team. She recounts her journey with us as she went from volunteering with her church, in awe of all that the food bank does for its community to Reclamation Coordinator, living out her dream of giving back to the community that once helped her, full-time.

Doing More Good with Head Start & The Child Advocacy Center

Faith Boehmer, takes a momentStorytime.jpg to reflect as a volunteer on Action Pathways Head Start’s Policy Council, a committee comprised of parents and community stakeholders charged with making decisions that guide and direct the Head Start program.

“We [Child Advocacy Center] want to bring awareness to teachers and the larger Head Start community,” Faith says. “We all should be advocating for children……serving on Head Start’s Policy Council enables me to give my input in a number ways; from important decisions about hiring new staff to new initiatives and promoting collaborations vital to the safety of our community’s children.”

Doing More Good with Head Start

Alicia5.jpgAction Pathways Head Start volunteer and parent, Alysia Haddox, has been giving her time to the early childhood development program for a little over a year now. Her commitment arose while she was enrolled in Action Pathways Early Head Start program, which allows eligible pregnant women to enter the program to ensure early childhood development efforts can begin as early as possible, even before birth.

Currently, Ms. Haddox gives her time to assist teachers in the classroom and also as a member of Head Start’s Policy Council, a committee comprised of community partners and Head Start parents empowered to help govern Head Start without actually interfering in the day-to-day operations of the program.

Doing More Good with Head Start

B72.jpgThere are so many ways you can give back to your community that doesn’t involve going inside your wallet. Yes, monetary donations are indeed valuable but so is your time – volunteering it. Action Pathways Head Start’s volunteer and parent, BenShuna Quon, explains why she gives her time to Head Start and encourages others to do the same.

Doing More Good with Weatherization

Vicky72.jpgVicky Diaz, Action Pathways Head Start Family Advocate, is also one of the many Americans who have had their home weatherized – and she loves it! Vicky says that along with the tips Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program staff shared with her on how to conserve energy and save more money on her utilities, she saw immediate savings on her electric bill after her home was weatherized.

“My whole house was weatherized; they went through everything! With that alone, I saw about maybe a $100 change on my electric bill within the first or second bill!”

Vicky Diaz, Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program Participant

Doing More Good with ASPIRE

Kamekia Hart.JPGSeveral years ago, Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency program started to help a young, single woman by the name of Kamekia Hart. At the time, Ms. Hart was working part-time at a fast-food restaurant, could not afford health insurance but still made too much money to qualify for Medicaid. She was struggling to stay afloat and living check to check. She wanted the opportunity to do more with her life, but did not know where or how to begin without the resources to support her determination.

Take a look at how Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency program helped Ms. Hart tackle her legal troubles and get on the path towards realizing her goals; feeding her belief that all things are possible with faith and determination. 

Doing More Good with ASPIRE

Count Reddon, a recent Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency participant, made one bad decision that caused him to lose his employment as a commercial plumber, his place of residence, transportation and, most importantly, his tools for work.  

After finishing his senIRA-Dress for Success 002.JPGtence, Mr. Reddon was released back into the community with nowhere to live and no means of finding employment. His car was impounded, containing all of his tools for work, subsequently making it much harder for him to earn a living; Reddon was forced to move into a shelter and start over. He reached out to Action Pathways Self-Sufficiency Program for assistance to help him, once again, become a productive member of society.


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