Helping Homeless Children to be School-Ready this Year

FullSizeRender (3) (1).jpgArtreese Basnight, Human Resource Assistant at Action Pathways, was recently recognized for her exceptional leadership in helping to ensure Cumberland County’s homeless children are school-ready with the necessary supplies to be successful. Basnight is a part of a national association’s local chapter, the Fayetteville Area Society of Human Resource Management (FASHRM), which played a key role in helping to meet the school-supply needs of homeless, at-risk youth.

According to the Department of Social Services, more than 600 homeless children go without the proper necessities for school, each year. These at-risk youth need every chance they can get to succeed in life, and that starts with having the right tools. Thanks to Basnight’s decisive leadership as not only the secretary to FASHRM’s board but also as its fundraising chairman, the local chapter was able to provide much-needed supplies to homeless children in preparation for school.IMG_1823.PNG

Action Pathways would like to take a moment and celebrate the work its employees are doing for their community, whether under the umbrella of Action Pathways or by some other means. Artreese Basnight is an exemplary model of what it means to advocate for disadvantaged individuals and families. Basnight also recently finished her Masters in Organizational Leadership with a concentration in Organizational Management. She is currently pursuing her PhD and working to gain even more invaluable knowledge in the realm of human resources so that she can continue to impact our community, the best way she knows how.