Doing More Good with Head Start


Mrs. Quon, parent to Z’Riya Quon, a recent Head Start student, says she first enrolled Z’Riya in Head Start because she wanted her daughter to be able to go to school and take speech therapy. Z’Riya, she felt, would benefit not only from speech therapy but from the social interaction with other children as well. Mrs. Quon knew that Z’Riya would learn how to fare within a social environment, learning to respect and tolerate others while also learning the importance of manners.

“It’s great that Head Start accommodates children with IEP’s [Individual Education Plan]….I wanted [Z’Riya] to develop socially while taking speech therapy” said Mrs. Quon. “But I wanted to stay involved and not just be the kind of parent that gripes about what they may not like. I wanted to be a part of the solutions in my child’s education.”

Mrs. Quon would indeed be a part the solutions for many issues as she began to volunteer within the classrooms, helping Head Start teachers read to children, monitor kids on the playground and offer support for Head Start staff in other ways when needed. “I was able to interact with the children and also view what was going on and give my input from a parent’s perspective,” Mrs. Quon noted of her time volunteering. “I felt like I was making a difference…...seeing how the kids were excited to see me [when I came to volunteer]. And I’m not going to lie,” she chuckled, “it made me want to have more kids.”B72.jpg

Eventually, Mrs. Quon decided to give more of her time to Head Start and began volunteering with the program’s Policy Council. Head Start’s Policy Council plays a critical role in helping to govern Head Start operations without actually interfering with the day-to-day of its logistics. “Volunteering for Policy Council allowed us [parents] to learn more about Head Start, its overall goals and how we get there. It also empowered us to have a clear route to solutions for [our] children’s sake.”

Mrs. Quon wrapped things up by noting, “Even my husband volunteers for Head Start; he was very involved.” Currently serving overseas, Mrs. Quon expects that when he returns, he will go right back to volunteering for the children at Head Start.

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