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The Past, Present & Future: Head Start Staff Recall What Makes the Program Special

Andrews Resized for Website Thumbnail.jpgFrom a former worker who started her career with Head Start in the 1970's to two current employees - one with a career spanning 30+ years and the other who has not missed a day in two years - Action Pathways Head Start Staff recall what makes the program so special.

A Career Spanning 32 Years: The Story of Ms. Annie Kelly

Annie Kelly Resized for Website Thumbnail.jpgMs. Annie Kelly, a Child Services Manager at Action Pathways Head Start, didn't always start in this position. She actually began her career with Head Start as a Parent Volunteer.

Come Rain or Sunshine, Shemicka Will be There!

Shemicka Monroe, lead teacher at the River Commons III Head Start facility, was recently recognized at Action Pathways Head Start’s “All Staff” banquet for having perfect attendance – meaning, Shemicka has not missed one day of teaching in two years. Why? She explains below.DSC_0357.JPG


“I went to Head Start; my son went to Head Start,” Shemicka explains. “It’s important for a child to see me every day; it builds consistency. That’s so important for children.” It is that feeling that compels Shemicka to show up every day, ready to teach and motivate.


Kay Andrews Recounts Action Pathways Head Start Teaching Career in 1970s

Latericia ‘Kay’ Andrews, or Mrs. Kay as the children referred to her, fought back tears as she remembered her journey to Action Pathways Head Start, more than 40 years ago. What started as a simple case of curiosity drastically altered the path of her life and ignited a lifelong passion for teaching.  23784_101348719901298_1115673_n.jpg


“Working at Head Start boosted my self-esteem. It gave me the confidence to better care for my children, and my coworkers became my support system,” she explained.  “During this time, my husband had a major heart attack, but the Head Start staff stepped in, without having to ask, and helped me and my family get back on our feet."

Head Start Staff Tell Us Why They Love Their Jobs

Gates for Website Thumbnail.jpgA federally-funded child development program, Head Start is staffed by individuals committed to making a difference in the lives of children. Hear their stories on why they enjoy coming into work every day.

"Father and Friends" at Monkey Joe's in Fayetteville

Mr. Allen, grandfather to five-year-old Kaiden, spoke highly of Father and Friends at the recent event, raving about the program’s benefits for both father-figures and children. He also praised the program for helping to provide Head Start children with the opportunity to spend time outside of their homes while fathers have the chance to spend regularly, scheduled precious moments with their children.DSC_0325.JPG


Action Pathways participates in Child and Adult Care Food Program

Action Pathways, formerly known as Cumberland Community Action Program, Inc. (CCAP) announces their participation in the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP). Meals will be available at no separate charge to enrolled participants. The income guidelines for free and reduced-price meals by family size are listed on the back of this sheet. Children who are TANF recipients or who are members of SNAP or FDPIR households or are Head Start participants are automatically eligible to receive free meal benefits.

Action Pathways Uses Arts Council Grant to Support Head Start Sounds of Music Program

Action Pathways, formerly Cumberland Community Action Program, announces a collaboration pro ject to teach four-year-old Head Start Children about symphony music with the help of a grant from the Arts Council of Fayetteville/Cumberland County.

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