Mission Accomplished: Habitat 24

Action Pathways’ very own, Deborah McKinnon, a teacher’s assistant with Head Start, has waited quite some time for this moment. She completed financial budgeting counseling requirements through Action Pathways Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) and invested both time as well as “sweat equity” in preparation for the construction of her new home. Through the generosity of dozens of volunteers and the Fayetteville Area Habitat for Humanity, McKinnon will soon realize her dream of homeownership; but she will not be celebrating alone! Her colleagues and friends at Action Pathways were out this past weekend helping to make McKinnon’s dream come true. Head Start employees, such as Jennifer Strickland, Cornelia Thompson, Takecia McDuffie, Vicky Diaz, Tara Richard, Mikhaila Lowry, Angela Stevens and April Henderson were out Saturday and Sunday, working tirelessly to get McKinnon’s home built in just 24 hours!

DSC_0509.JPGWhen asked why they decided to donate their time, sweat and tears, many of them mentioned simply enjoying the opportunity to give back. Others mentioned wanting to be a part of a team. One person stated more pious reasons saying, “Everything has a purpose.” Astonishingly, another volunteer, Richard, who happens to be a childhood friend of McKinnnon, is excited to see the culmination of McKinnon’s hard work manifest into a Habitat for Humanity home.

Whatever the reason, members of the Action Pathways family teamed up with volunteers throughout the area to complete work on the home from early Saturday morning until early Sunday afternoon. These individuals showed both their dedication and support for not only McKinnon, but for all that Action Pathways stands for as an organization. Helping others and their families achieve economic stability -- It’s at the very core of all Action Pathways programming.

The inaugural  Habitat for Humanity “Habitat 24” event in Fayetteville, has only been done once before in Tulsa, Oklahoma. By the time the project is complete, McKinnon’s home will be a 1,280-square-foot, three-bedroom two-bath house.

Richard, who was out hammering nails first thing Saturday morning, was excited to be helping her friend. “We’ve known each other since we were kids,” says Richard. “I wouldn’t be anywhere else right now.”DSC_0515.JPG

Thompson, a Habitat for Humanity owner herself, explained “I moved into my house in May of 2015 and graduated with my associates degree at the same time. These were my goals, and I was so happy that they both came to pass at the same time. My own experience compels me to want to give back and help Ms. McKinnon also become a homeowner.”

Checkout the Fayetteville Observer story, written by Steven DeVane, here.

To begin your journey of becoming a Habitat for Humanity homeowner, contact Action Pathways Consumer Credit Counseling Services at:  (910) 323-3192.

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