Leaky Attic Fixed

Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program helps numbers of people save money on their energy bills every year. Recently, Action Pathways helped a family of three make the necessary repairs to their home, making their house much more energy-efficient than when they first moved into it.

Judy and Gregory Brandt live in Hope Mills with their granddaughter Mackenzie, also known as “Kenzy,” and were recently “weatherized” to become energy-saving homeowners. The couple bought their home back in December of 2015. Right away, the couple noticed that their attic was not as insulated as it should be and that they would need to make arrangements to have it fixed. The couple knew a project of that nature would not be within their budget being a family of modest means, however; they were resourceful. They did what any average person of today’s Information Age would do; they started searching the internet, hoping to find any available resources to help them address their “leaky” attic conundrum. Thankfully, the couple came across Action Pathways Weatherization Program or WAP.

After finding the Weatherization Assistance Program, Judy and Gregory quickly began the intake process. The couple expected to be on the waiting list for up to two years, but instead, were happily surprised that the Weatherization Team could begin work on their home within just two months.

“We were very pleased with [the Weatherization team],” says Judy Brandt. “I’m not working, so having resources like this really makes a difference.”

Not only that, she raved about how professional the Weatherization team was in weatherizing her home.

“Everyone was great! Sonya was a big help, and we are happy to have our attic insulated now.”image8.jpeg

While it is too early to analyze the results of the modifications, Judy says she knows it has definitely made a difference.

“The air conditioning isn’t running all day and all night now; we are very pleased.”

In addition to making the necessary modifications for the Brandt family to save money on their utility bills, Action Pathways Weatherization Assistance Program was also able to install a carbon monoxide detector, smoke alarms for the bedroom and provide a new air filter for the air conditioning unit thanks to various funders and partners who also want to ensure people are saving money on utilities, so that they can budget those savings into other critical areas, such as food or rent.

To find out how you can sign your home up to be weatherized, call: (910) 223-0116, Option 2. You can also visit, https://actionpathways.ngo/housing, for more information.