"Father and Friends" at Monkey Joe's in Fayetteville



A vital program designed to provide fathers (and father-figures) the opportunity to spend more time with their children, Action Pathways Head Start event, “Father and Friends,” encourages fathers to take a more active role in the lives of their children as well as their  education and development.

Mr. Allen, grandfather to five-year-old Kaiden, spoke highly of Father and Friends at the recent event, raving about the program’s benefits for both father-figures and children. He also praised the program for helping to provide Head Start children with the opportunity to spend time outside of their homes while fathers have the chance to spend regularly scheduled, precious moments with their children.

 “It gets them out the house and teaches [all of us] the importance of sitting together. These outings sharpen our children’s social skills, they’re able to make new friends that they will probably have for a lifetime, and parents are able to mingle with one another!” exclaimed Mr. Allen.

Mr. Allen also noted his grandson’s excitement to come to Father and Friends.

“I really had forgotten! Kaiden called me and left a voice message for me to return his call. When I called back, he reminded me of our commitment,” Mr. Allen explained. “It’s so important that men are in their children’s lives. Men help to validate who [these children] are in life. When men are present, [kids] don’t have to search for validation elsewhere.”DSC_0329.JPG

Father and Friends strives to create these opportunities every month throughout the school year and specifically organizes “hands-on” activities to encourage bonding among the children and their respective father-figures. Often, expert speakers are invited to help educate fathers on the importance of children having strong male roles. The event is also a way to encourage men to continue being active in their children’s lives.

For more information on Action Pathways Head Start Program, visit: https://actionpathways.ngo/earlychildhood or call (910) 487-9800.