Action Pathways Awarded Numerous Accolades During N.C. Community Action Association’s Annual Conference


Mrs. Beasley (1).JPGThe work of nonprofit Action Pathways was on full display recently as the organization received several recognitions for its efforts in propelling families and individuals into economic stability. The annual N.C. Community Action Association Conference was held last month with Action Pathways in attendance. During the conference, former Action Pathways Board Chairman and Mayor of Hope Mills, Edwin Deaver, was posthumously inducted into the 2017 “Hall of Fame.”

“We are honored to recognize leaders who have made a profound impact on helping people to help themselves and each other,” said Paula Dickson, President of the NCCAA Board of Directors. “These individuals have played, and continue to play, a very valuable role in the work community action agencies do every day to make our communities better for all people to live, work and play.”

Additionally, Action Pathways Director of Energy Efficient Homes, Stephanie Ashley, was awarded the Roselle Copeland Stewardship Award, which recognizes one person among all 34 community action agencies (CAAs) in the state for his (or her) exemplary individual contributions to the NCCAA.

Stephanie Ashley Award (2).JPG

“We are thrilled for Stephanie and the Weatherization team’s accomplishments of installing approximately 570 much-needed smoke alarms in homes across the Sandhills community,” said Phil Harris, Executive Director of the Sandhills Chapter of the American Red Cross, which helped to provide hundreds of smoke alarms to Action Pathways. The mission of the Red Cross’ Smoke Alarm Program is to help save lives, and we’re delighted to see that Stephanie and her team have positively affected the lives of so many people in our state.”

Of the numerous CAAs in the state, only three were invited to deliver TED Talks, including Action Pathways’ Agency Advancement Specialist Fatima Butt. Butt, whose “Ignite Talk” focused on the services provided by Action Pathways’ Second Harvest Food Bank, is the first employee from Action Pathways who has delivered a TED Talk on behalf of the organization.

“To say that Fatima did a great job is quite the understatement,” said Cynthia Wilson, CEO of Action Pathways. “It was an absolute honor to be invited to deliver an ‘Ignite Talk’ during the NCCAA Conference, and I am elated that we were able to share the importance of having a food bank that offers a variety of services in the community. It’s my hope that our sister community action agencies across North Carolina will work with one of the six food banks across the state to deepen the reach of distribution into the areas with the highest level of food insecurity.”

The NCCAA Conference was held over a three-day period in the Charlotte area. Its mission is to empower community action agencies throughout North Carolina to help communities thrive. Together, the statewide network comprises a total of 34 community action agencies and four limited purpose agencies.

To learn more about Action Pathways and how it might help you and your family, visit: or contact (910) 485-6131.